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Paddling card 10x

250,00 €


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One square on the paddling card equals to a 3h rental of a single kayak or a canoe. A one day rental takes one and a half squares, etc. on the following way: 

Kayak 1 square /3h             1,5 squares /day
Double kayak          2 squares /3h 2,5 squares /day
Canoe 1 square /3h 1,5 squares /day
SUP   1 square /day

The paddling card is valid at all our canoe centers, in Siuntio, Espoo and Inkoo. You will receive the paddling card when you use it for the first time.

Prices include kayak/canoe/SUP, paddles, life vests, watertight bag, map, info on paddling techniques and VAT.