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Kayaking from the Vicarage to the Paddling Center

Kayaking from the Vicarage to the Paddling Center


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The price covers a kayak, a life vest and a paddle for one person. Note that the product cannot be reserved from the webshop later than 20 hours before the start.

The Vicarage is our northernmost starting point in Siuntio and is located at Pappilantie 116 (Siuntio kk).

Paddling from the vicarage to the Paddling Center is a common summer route for many. The whole distance is 13 km, and takes about 4–5 hours. From the vicarage you first paddle along the river to lake Tjusträsk. You cross the lake and along the river to Sjundby castle. At Sjundby there is a low platform before the bridge. On the other side of the bridge is a rapid and a hydroelectric plant. The kayak must be carried past the rapids, but the carrying distance is not too long. The route continues along the river, over lake Vikträsk and through the river to Siuntio Paddling Center.

Please note that it is kayaking from A to B. If you arrive at the starting point by car, make sure that after the trip you can collect the car from the Paddling center at the starting point. You can also take another car to the paddling center's parking lot before the kayaking.